Monday, October 14, 2013

Morning Sunshine

          After an unexpected trip to the Customs Office I found myself  close to the South Park of Sofia. And since the x100s is always with me I went in search of some early morning landscapes. Parks are usually packed with so many people, you cant really appreciate their beauty. Early Monday morning meant there were only some joggers around, and I had the park all to myself.

1/125s  f/8 at ISO320
1/160s  f/4 at ISO640
I decided to try the macro mode on some maple leafs, finding an interesting one proved to be a difficult task, since most of them were quite dry, but I think I ended up with a good one.

1/60s  f/5.6 at ISO500
           The light kept on changing from long shadows to glowing light in the crowns of the trees.

1/125s  f/5.6 at ISO500
          This pond was absolutely gorgeous, not a ripple in the water and a perfect reflection, I immediately regretted still not having a CPL filter on a 49mm thread, but I had to make due without it. It turned out to be one of my favourite pictures I've taken so far with the x100s. The more I think about it, I realise that I wouldn't have taken any of those pictures with my old Nikon D700 because it would be in my bag, at home. Having the x100s with me all the time, makes it the best camera I've ever had.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A stroll in the woods

         I really wanted to take some Autumn pictures before the snow falls. Every year it's different, and you never know how long the season is going to be, it could be 2 months, it could be 2 weeks. I guess I should thank global warming for that! The weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy nature.

1/1.3  f/16 at ISO200
           One place that I really enjoy and still haven't fully explored is the forest under the Dragalevski Monastery. There is a nice little river that allowed me to take some long water exposures for the first time with the Fuji x100s and it came out with flying colors.

10 sec.  f/11 at ISO400

6.5 sec.  f/8 at ISO200
I have been really impressed with the "T" function of the camera. It's like a smart "bulb" mode and it comes in when you want to have exposure longer than 1 second, since the knob on the camera only goes to 1/4. The 3stop ND filter gave me the opportunity to keep my ISO low where I needed it. Can't wait to go out again and find more stuff about the x100s!

1/30s  f/4 at ISO500
My girlfriend came with me and endured the cold and windy weather for the sake of the pictures! So, I want to thank her for that :)